Why install an artificial lawn?

Lets face it, wet and muddy gardens are a common sight in South Africa. Whilst global temperatures are rising, we’re still having to contend with extreme weather patterns, making our garden maintenance more and more time consuming.

But you’re probably wondering:

“What options do I have and how easy is it to get my perfect lawn?”

Artificial grass (also known as AstroTurf, Fake Grass and Synthetic Grass) is the answer. Nowadays with advanced technology, artificial lawns look and feel incredibly realistic and can solve many garden owners woes.

Artificial grass has been around for many years now and is becoming more and more popular with pet owners, school play areas and sports pitches. Gone are the days of letting your pet or child into the back garden, only to find them covered in mud and trailing it through the house.


But what are the benefits? I hear you ask:

Very low maintenance

Having artificial grass installed in your garden comes with some great advantages – such as spending more time playing with your kids or entertaining guests in the garden instead of mowing and weeding.

Environmental Benefits

As our summer temperatures rise and break records each year, so does the water restrictions in some areas where droughts can be a problem. Of course, having synthetic grass means that there is no need to water which can substantially reduce water usage and costs. Also, garden owners need to think about the fertilisers needed to keep a healthy lawn area looking so green and healthy. By choosing an alternative to natural grass, you can limit the pesticides that can be dangerous to kids and pets and also pollution caused from water carrying chemicals into the drains is minimised.

Perfect for pets

Dogs, cats and other pets love to play in the garden, but often end up making a mess of the lawn and bring mud back into the house. With artificial grass gardens, pets will love to stretch out and roll around in the luxury real grass feel. There’s also a huge advantage when it comes to toilet time with staining and smells. Pets will happily ‘do their business’ on it and our artificial grass is permeable, allowing pet urine to drain through and faeces to be removed easily. The artificial grass fibres will remain completely undamaged, as all is needed is a quick clean.

Ok, so now you know some of the benefits of having an artificial lawn, we’ll show you what applications it can be used for?

Artificial Grass For Your Home

We’ve carried out artificial grass installations in thousands of homes around Southern Africa. They can be in the back or front garden, on terraces, balconies and roof gardens, perfect for all year round relaxing and entertaining.

Perfect For Sports

We’ve installed thousands of square metres of sports turf and have earned a global reputation for our quality craftsmanship combined with great value. Our artificial grass is perfect for Golf, Rugby, Football, Cricket, Tennis, Hockey and much more.

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What Are The Benefits Of Having Artificial Grass Installed?

Why not choose the perfect solution for your garden, imagine a lawn that does not need watering and does not need pesticides that harm the environment.
We all want the easy life. There are many benefits of having artificial grass installed in the garden, so we’ve outlined just some of the major advantages of switching to artificial grass instead of living with below par, muddy natural garden grass.

Want to know the best part?

Pet urine will not cause brown spots, the kids can roll on it and never get muddy, the gardeners can retire because you don’t need to mow it.
It gets better!

Below, we’ve listed our 7 main reasons to install artificial grass in your home

  1.  Reduce your water bills and save precious water
    The effects of our hotter, drier summers are that natural grass often looks like the grass of the Med, yellow and straw-like. To keep a lawn green and springy requires water. Water is expensive and sometimes unavailable. Watering is hard work and takes hours to do.
    You could save up to 70% of your water bill if you choose artificial grass.
    The cost of laying artificial grass may be more than laying turf but in just three or four years your water bill will have almost “paid you back,” and from then on there is very little outlay other than an annual maintenance from the experts to keep it looking amazing. In hot climates, like in South Africa, some 550 litres per person per day is used compared to a global average of 250 litres per person per day. One of the reasons for this high usage here is the amount of water we use to keep our country green.
  2. More time to relax
    Once your new lawn is installed, you can sell your mower and stop worrying about watering… all you need to do is clear the leaves off it and occasionally give it a quick brush and spray, or call in the experts and we can give it a makeover (So don’t throw your hose away!).
  3. Easi-Play created for your children
    When you hear a cry and the kids are in the garden do you panic that they have fallen over on hard earth? With the Easi-play system you will never do that again.
    For both the very young and those of us who are less stable on foot, falling over on this system minimises impact. Soft foam pads underneath the grass to cushion any blows from falling over of slipping off a garden swing or from those more daring dance moves during your garden party.
  4. If your dogs are your priority
    Dogs love artificial grass, as it is soft on their paws. They don’t care that it is easy to clean, though you will, artificial grass has perforated backing so urine flows through it. Solid waste is easy to pick up and far easier than clearing a natural lawn.
  5. Great for tenants and landlords
    What are the problems with natural grass in rented properties? For the tenant, it is the worry about water costs and the drag of having to mow a lawn that isn’t even theirs. For you, it is keeping the place looking good while tenants are living in the property.
  6. The solution to shaded areas
    Underneath a large tree or in a shaded area there is always a brown affected piece of lawn often full of moss. Real grass needs direct sunlight, artificial grass does not. Your artificial grass garden will look green all over, all year round.
  7. Are you often away working or on holiday?
    For the cruiser or the jet setter, a real lawn can be a pain. Whether you travel for your work or just like to go on holiday often, having a garden of natural grass is a responsibility and needs watering and looking after. How terrific to close your garden door and go away knowing that when you come home the lawn will be green and as short as when you left. It will be as perfect as when you left it and your neighbours will love you.
  8. Throw away harmful pesticides
    Keeping a natural lawn green and moss free doesn’t only take dedication, mowing and watering. It means you use harmful pesticides and herbicides that filter through the soil to the water table. They kill, they pollute, they cause health problems for innocent people who may not even have a lawn. You can help planet earth and your own local environment by using artificial grass. We always encourage the introduction of some real flora beds to keep it even more realistic.

Synthetic Turf Gallery

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Synthetic Turf - Maintenance

Just like any garden surface will collect dirt from environmental exposure and from being walked upon. The beauty of artificial turf is that it requires minimal maintenance in comparison to natural grass. And no expensive equipment is needed to keep your turf in tip-top condition all year round!

General upkeep tips

  • You can clean the artificial turf with a flexible rake or leaf-blower
  • Regular brushing with a soft, nylon-bristle broom will keep grass clean and upright (Avoid steel brushes!).
  • Never use solvents! Wash with water (cold or warm) is sufficient, but for harsh chemical spills please refer to the manufacturer.
  • To remove environmental spills – dirt, dust, bird dropping, pet stains – and other water-based spills – treat as you would normal grass.

Specific maintenance concerns

  • Leaves and rough dirt: Simply brush, or hose, them away.
  • Fine dirt: Water away fine dirt, but be wary of removing too much infill material. On smaller indoor installations please vacuum up fine dirt.
  • Solids (e.g. chewing gum, pet faeces): Carefully scoop the solids up off the grass.
  • Spilt drinks: Wash away with water.
  • Burning materials (e.g. cigarette, braai coals): Remove as soon as possible but there may still be turf discolouration.
  • Flatness: Simply brush the grass fibre upright. A more regular brush ensures fibres may stay upright especially on high traffic areas.